The Liquidity Risk Book


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LRC's Background and Qualifications

Our activities around liquidity risk started in the late 1980s in the money market and payment department of Banque Nationale de Paris in Frankfurt when we built our first cash forecasting application for our own purposes - it is still in use.

In the next years we enhanced this to an intraday cash management system and integrated the first regulatory liquidity risk management measures (the Bank of England’s Maximum Cash Outflow Report) around 1995 in NatWest Markets.

Subsequently we developed a funding liquidity risk methodology for Deutsche Bank group and implemented it there.

Since then we stayed focused on liquidity risk and developed liquidity risk methodologies, policies, prototypes and systems for Banks like Commerzbank, DekaBank, Deutsche Verkehrsbank and lately BNPP Fortis group to name only a few.

In parallel we talked at countless Risk and ALM conferences and conducted seminars, in-house trainings and workshops.
We kept close relationships with regulators (Robert Fiedler is a long term speaker at the Financial Stability Institute of the BIS in Basel), trying to stay ahead of the latest regulatory developments.